for the safety of businesses and their employees –
virtual fire-fighting with the 3D fire simulator

  • on-site training in extinguishing fires in employees' own offices in the virtual world
  • training of fire-fighting strategies suited to the company
  • experience of emergencies without endangering those involved
  • analysis of potential fire damage before the incident occurs
  • environmentally harmless, no waste subject to mandatory disposal
  • training can take place anywhere and is not affected by the weather



3d Fire Simulator

Developed by iBG – Ingenieurbüro Gersthofer, nominated for the Lower Austrian Innovation Award and patented – the world first in fire-fighting training!

In the virtual three-dimensional training zone that recreates situations from the kitchen to the machine shop, fire, smoke and extinguishing agents are digitally portrayed by means of a 3D projection (1). Infrared cameras (2) register the positions of the 3D shutter glasses (3) and the fire extinguisher (4)and transfer them to the computer.

The computer simulation can realistically show the spread of a fire, from a perceptible flame to a fully developed fire. No other training system can show or control this.

Virtual fire-fighting training is the only safe way of practically demonstrating the correct use of portable fire extinguishers.

Feuersimulator Geräte

1) 3D projector        2) Infrared camera             3) 3D glasses             4) extinguisher


A computer begins to burn. For the employees, this represents an emergency of the kind that they were, as a rule, not hired to deal with. How can this fire be combated? Which fire extinguisher is best suited, how is the extinguishing agent introduced into the PC? Virtual fire-fighting training provides the answers to this question and others like it.


As part of our workshop "Virtual fire-fighting training" we demonstrate how quickly a fire develops. Real work stations are transferred into the virtual world. The employee enters the virtual world by means of the 3D glasses and is free to move around in it. Using simulation technology, a fire breaks out, starting as a perceptible flame and increasing to a fully developed fire.
Various situations are practised that show which fire extinguishers are suitable for fat fires, how electrical fires in switch cabinets can be put out and how two people can carry out concentrated extinguishing.


for the employees in your company. What looks to laymen at first sight like a sophisticated fire-fighting game that uses state-of-the-art technology is in fact based on solid principles of safety and economy.

Consequently, it is highly likely that the knowledge gained from this training can be used in the event of an emergency and that the employees will react correctly.


European and national legislation for the protection of employees requires that employees be trained to use portable fire extinguishers.


The records kept by fire insurance companies show that two thirds of all businesses hit by a fully developed fire go bankrupt. Training in extinguishing fires is therefore an essential contribution to protection of property. Only properly trained employees can prevent or at least limit the extent of fire damage.


Rehearsing the procedure several times using simulated fires means that the tactics to adopt become automatic. For employees to be able to prevent fire damage at the company, or at least minimise it, they must receive the best possible training.


The employees achieve a high degree of learning success because procedures of varying difficulty can be trained and repeated. Records are kept of every practice so that they can be analysed afterwards.



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Photos: Franz Zwickl - Atelier Am Stein

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